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advocacy group
  • gruppo di advocacy

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The advocacy group has also cautioned that it would knock the door of judiciary in case the investigation ends on an unsatisfactory note.
The advocacy group has been protesting against what they say is a great shortage of shelter beds available in the city.
The advocacy group has released a statement saying it is exploring all possible legal options to challenge the government's order.
She overflows with enthusiasm for downtown, where she helped start an advocacy group for residents.
The advocacy group describes it as a consumer shoppers' guide to determine which types of produce pose the highest threat of pesticides.
A spokesman for an advocacy group called for national anti-pollution laws.
Unwilling to surrender, a handful of family members formed an advocacy group, the first of its kind.
The newspaper also said that the advocacy group submitted the petition in 2008.
A recent study by an advocacy group found that 30 corporations paid no federal taxes from 2008 to 2010.

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