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administer the grant
  • amministrare la sovvenzione

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During this period it has been able to only administer the grants and relied on third parties to pay the grants.
It has an extensive system which administers grants to 30 percent of the population.
It also administers grants to institutions and individuals for research in social sciences.
Sassa assured the court it would be able to handle administering the grants internally.
He had also been involved with the charitable trust, which administers grants and loans for projects, for six years.
The division has a variety of obligations, including search and rescue, administering grant programs, operating 15 state-owned airports, offering training programs and registering aircraft.
Half the country's local authorities, which administer the grant, responded to queries about the number of applications they received.
Two other organizations submitted bids to administer the grant.
The government would still administer grants and maintain safety oversight, under the proposal.
Local authorities in each county will administer the grant aid project announced today.

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