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activists gathered
  • attivisti riuniti

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Activists gathered outside parliament for an "empty shoe" vigil to urge the government to double the refugee quota.
A mixture of longstanding local residents and climate change activists gathered on the green outside to vent their despair.
Artists, writers and activists gathered on the popular promenade, singing, painting and performing street plays.
About 80 supporters of the activists gathered outside of the court this morning to support them and to call for their release without any conditions.
Skinheads and civil rights activists gathered outside the courthouse each day as police snipers set up on nearby rooftops and a surveillance helicopter hovered overhead.
The source added that many residents after waking up saw the same and with the help of social activists gathered at the venue to protest.
Outside the gallery, hundreds of artists and activists gathered with black umbrellas painted in white with the words "fossil free culture".
Residents and community activists gathered in front of the tower to voice their concerns.
He appeared humble, and asked questions of the activists gathered about how he could better pursue and talk about policies to combat racial injustice.

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EnglishSix months ago, a group of business activists gathered together to join with the Republican governor in California to pass AB 32, the most far-reaching legislation in environmental history.
6 mesi fa, si è costituito un gruppo di attivisti per sostenere il governatore repubblicano della California nell'approvazione dell'AB 32, la legge più importante nella storia dell'ambiente.

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