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activist group
  • gruppo attivista
  • gruppo di attivisti

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Briemberg said he identified himself as a local resident, not as a member of the activist group.
The activist group, citing the medical source, said scores more were wounded.
Working families haven't always been given a very fair shake by the activist group.
The activist group says 30,000 residents live within half a kilometre of the coal rail corridor and will face heightened health risks from additional trains.
The activist group says alternative accommodation is not appropriate.
Smartphone ownership is expected to rise to 6.1 billion phones in 2020, or roughly 70% of the global population, the environmental activist group says.
The leader of an environmental activist group says the release of previously blacked-out information about a seabed mining company is a crucial revelation.
She believes the cameras are the work of an animal activist group.
The activist group also posted video online of three dead minke whales on board the factory ship.

Esempi di utilizzo "activist group" in Italiano

English. ~~~ (Laughter) So we've got this activist group that's this grassroots group that's come out of the site.
(Risate) Quindi abbiamo questo gruppo attivista che è questo gruppo di gente comune che è saltato fuori dal sito.

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