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accompanying graph
  • grafico di accompagnamento

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As the accompanying graph shows, since 1972, the fraction of "free countries" has increased from 29 percent to 45 percent.
Put in just a little context, it's still pretty much within the ballpark of the past couple of years, as the accompanying graph shows.
The accompanying graph shows partisan leanings in 2014 for adults based on the year they were born.
The accompanying graph shows partisan leanings in 2014 for whites based on their year of birth.
The accompanying graph shows the distribution of stocks by dividend yield in the index.
The star sector within retail continues to be restaurants, cafes and fast food outlets, as the accompanying graph shows.
A broad portrait of the political shape of today's electorate is provided in the accompanying graph, which summarizes the party identification gap at each age point from 18 to 85.
A range of scenarios for 2013 temperatures are provided in the table below and displayed in the accompanying graph.
For the wider implications of rising oil prices see the accompanying graph.

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