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academy graduates
  • laureati in accademia
  • laureati accademia

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Klopp's instinct has been to limit his academy graduates' exposure to first-team action, putting their development before short-term needs.
Over the past five years, polo academy graduates have doubled the size of the club.
Since then though, has recovered from injury and been a vital old head guiding backlines usually comprised of academy graduates through games.
Stewart, the father of two, is working on a youth mentoring project and says his biggest supporters are academy graduates, who still meet monthly.
How many draft picks or academy graduates have had the clock run out on them because of roster requirements, rather than talent?
The new incentive is $1,000 for military veterans and $5,000 for laterals and academy graduates to commit.
As schools, they are remarkably insular, insider outfits often run by academy graduates whose goals tend to be narrow and sometimes even bizarrely parochial.
At the end of the programme, the academy graduates received certificates of attendance.
This year, a cadet cheating scandal is expected to pull down the number of academy graduates.

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