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academic gowns
  • abiti accademici

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For matriculation and graduation ceremonies, the management mandated students to wear academic gowns on a black or grey suit.
The management also mandated students to wear academic gowns on a black or grey suit during matriculation and graduation ceremonies.
Those who graduated with proper degrees don't need to wear or parade themselves in academic gowns to prove their educated minds.
The more people adorn themselves in ridiculous-looking academic gowns, the less educated we have become.
Now we have so many glorified "comprehensive academies" disguised in the academic gowns of full-fledged universities.
So, academic gowns did overtime, concealing what could have been revealing.
The matriculants set looked elegant in their black academic gowns crested with the university's logo at the top left and right corner.
Uniformed graduates, whose buttons reflect the light in ways drab academic gowns at civilian graduations never could, sit at attention through the whole ceremony.?
Students adhere to a strict honor code and, on occasion, wear academic gowns to class.

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