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academic goals
  • obiettivi accademici

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He urged the students to comply with all rules and regulations of the school and make a difference as they embark on their academic goals.
She then cautioned the students to focus on their studies and to achieve their academic goals.
On the issues of value, activities and funding, results showed that academic goals were central to institutional internationalisation efforts.
Each grade has a set curriculum and definite academic goals, and the teachers, selected from a pool of highly qualified applicants, have been carefully trained.
This all at a time the youth were going berserk from frustrated pursuits of academic goals.
If schools can find a way to further family communication without sacrificing academic goals, so much the better.
It is through competitions like this one that enables students to work towards their academic goals and simultaneously develop an entrepreneurial spirit.
However, if students keep their academic goals in mind, taking some time away from school can bring many benefits.
The quality assistance in preparation for various tests help students attain academic goals.

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