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absorption of glucose
  • assorbimento di glucosio
  • assorbimento del glucosio

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Every meal has to contain a combination of a complex carb and protein to slow the absorption of glucose.
It slowed down the absorption of glucose, making it risky for diabetics.
When taken after meals, almonds check the rise of glucose and insulin and help our body in regulating the absorption of glucose.
Slows the absorption of glucose from the blood into the cells, therefore controlling blood sugars, especially in persons with diabetes.
These fibres help slow the absorption of glucose from the digestive tract.
Chromium facilitates insulin in the absorption of glucose by cells.
Research indicates that the fibre content in the fruit could control diabetes, by reducing the absorption of glucose by the body.
Some animal studies also have found that when receptors in the gut are activated by artificial sweeteners, the absorption of glucose also increases.
In other words, salt appears to play a key role in the absorption of glucose in the intestine.

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