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abduct a girl
  • rapire una ragazza

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But soon he tried to abduct the girl, and when we protested, he started fighting with us.
The suspect acting as a police officer to abduct the girl in a car.
The circumstances match his modus operandi in abducting a girl late at night from a nightclub.
He had faced imprisonment on charges of abducting the girl earlier.
Ukuthwala is a custom that involves abducting a girl or a young woman with the consent of their parents with the intention of compelling her into marriage.
A couple charged with abducting the girl has been put in custody, as an international search for the child's biological parents intensifies.
However, when the two sides came face to face, the family members abducted the girl.
Nandish however gives two hoots and eventually abducts the girl before marrying her.

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