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bestemme verbo
bestemt aggettivo
bestemt avverbio
ting sostantivo

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DanishDet drejer sig jo om en bestemt indstilling til bestemte ting.
It is all about having a certain attitude to certain things at this point.
DanishDer er stadig bestemte ting, der skal indhentes, på det økonomiske område, på det administrative område.
There is still room for catching up in both the economic and administrative spheres.
DanishFra dette synspunkt vil jeg afklare tre bestemte ting.
In that connection, I wish to clear up three specific issues.
DanishJeg vil endnu en gang gøre opmærksom på, at vi altid har sagt, at der er bestemte ting, som man ikke kan forhandle om.
I want to take this opportunity to reiterate that there are certain things that are not negotiable.
DanishJeg har altid beundret, hvor omhyggeligt og detaljeret De orienterer Parlamentet om, hvorfor Kommissionen ikke kan acceptere bestemte ting.
I always greatly admire the attention you pay to detail when you are informing Parliament why the Commission cannot accept certain things.
DanishDet, man kan sætte sig for, er det, man gør i de forskellige beskæftigelsesprogrammer: At iværksætte bestemte ting, som gør det muligt at nå fuld beskæftigelse.
What we can consider is what is being done in the various employment programmes, and that is the implementation of certain elements which will allow us to move towards full employment.
DanishVi parlamentsmedlemmer bliver også nødt til at have mod til at bringe bestemte ting, der ikke kan gennemføres optimalt på europæisk plan, tilbage til nationalt plan.
We will work in parallel with you and make proposals where necessary, hoping that you will take account of them in your calculations during the process rather than only when it is drawing to a close.
DanishDet kan dog naturligvis få praktisk betydning i det øjeblik, hvor Rådet, måske også under regeringskonferencen, opnår enighed om at overføre bestemte ting til Fællesskabets kompetence.
It may of course take on practical significance if the Council should agree - perhaps at the Intergovernmental Conference - to transfer the responsibility for certain matters to the Community.

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